Monday, December 5, 2011

we are entering the blog world...

at the same time as baby mccleskey is preparing to enter the regular world...
that's right, there is a baby in this belly. and i am attempting to start a blog.

there's no time to play catch up to life thus far, because too much is happening in the now for that... since september 17th, our world as a family has been forever changed. drew and i have dreamed of being parents since long before we knew each other... and now it seems that what we always hoped for has become a reality. so far during this pregnancy journey, the feeling of this being true and real has been far and few between. it feels so surreal and distant. it has been 4 weeks since we found out that the Lord was knitting together a little baby that he would so graciously give to us. in two days, we go back to the doctor for the 1st visit since our initial pregnancy confirmation appointment. on wednesday, we will get to have an ultrasound, blood work, tests, etc... we have been anticipating this day since we found out that Jesus was planning for us to have a child.

*this post was actually written on October 9th, but i did not know that "publish" would not share it with the world... so i never clicked it. ha-like i said, i am new at this blogging thing.

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