Monday, December 5, 2011

rewinding to the day we found out...

so, keeping this story as short as possible, i told drew i was taking a pregnancy test on a saturday morning. when i saw that there were 2 faint lines, i immediately started freaking out as quietly as possible in the bathroom. i went back and forth, "do i run in and tell him right now, or do i wait and do something to surprise him? AHHHH...." so, with 2 minutes of think time, i returned to the bedroom and covered my face (because it was beaming with smiles) and asked drew to run to the grocery store for some last minute items that i needed for our lunch. as soon as he walked out the door, i scurried around the house to put things together. there was a plan that i had devised, which did not fall into place accordingly, but still worked perfectly.

in a bag labeled made with love, was the positive pregnancy test...

the door had this sign...

and there was a note on the outside of our oven that said "our first" and this was on the inside...

i went looking for the video camera to capture drew's reaction on tape, and as i was on the search, guess who walked right in the dining room to see all of the news? yes, you are right... drew. i came to find him with the grocery bags dropped, eyes so wide, and his voice repeating "are you serious?!"

then, of course, we celebrated and talked 100 miles per minute. it was neat to hear drew's perspective on coming home to find the news in a room alone. he felt like it was such a personal and precious time for him to take in the news first, just like i was given that time when i first saw the pregnancy test.

from there, we prayed and thanked the lord for such a gift, went on a walk talking about the next months of our lives, and just drank in the initial moments of such great news.

*Actual post date: October 30,2011


  1. You guys are so cute! I am excited that you are starting a blog! Now I can stalk you....good luck with that :)

  2. Yay blogs!!!! Oh I am so excited. For the blog, yes, but ESPECIALLY for BABY MCCLESKEY!!!!

  3. This is so so sweet! I love it! Welcome to the blog world :) You'll love it!

  4. Congratulations to both of you!! I work with your Mom (Mrs. McCleskey) and this will keep me from bugging her daily on "How the Kids are doing!!" GOD Bless you both --- enjoy every second of your pregnacy, eat lots of veggies and fruits, and have fun!!
    GOD's Speed on your new Journey :-}}