Monday, December 5, 2011

the heartbeat...

during this entire pregnancy process, drew and i have felt beyond blessed with the way that the Lord has chosen to lay out our story. from the day that we found out from a home pregnancy test, we were blown away by His sweetness and grace to allow us to delight in His new creation/our desire. approaching the first doctor's visit, we were nervous in our own flesh, but comforted when we rested in the Lord. knowing that we have zero control, but this child lays within the hands of our Father, gives such peace. the total surrendering portion of this journey has been such a sweet time for us to grow and be challenged in all areas of life. so, back to the doctor visit...

once we stepped into the back waiting room, we were immediately brought to the room that does the ultrasound. we were not expecting to see this sweet little baby so early in the visit, but it was wonderful. at first, she was unable to find the little peanut, which made us hold our breath in anticipation, but then... we first saw this tiny nugget on the screen and heard one of the greatest sounds we had ever heard. Here is a snapshot of what is sounded like:

drew and i were overjoyed to experience such a miracle and know that it is all just beginning...
at this point, i was 8 weeks pregnant and we were heading to the beach with both of our families in 2 days. we were so excited to share the news with them all together, even though we would not tell the rest of the world until 4 more weeks.

*This was actually posted on october 12th

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  1. I am already in love with your tiny little nugget! Haha!