Tuesday, January 17, 2012

wise brother reveal

when it was time to begin thinking about the gender reveal for the wise brothers, it was obvious that there needed to be some sort of adventure included. from there, we were able to come up with a target/gun/man reveal.
these boys truly fit the part/look of this type of activity... lovely beards and mustaches.
the objective was to hit the targets by shooting a bebe gun, while the balloons would reveal the gender based on color streamers during the explosion. there were 5 balloons that contained white streamers and 1 balloon that was filled with blue. the boys did not know which balloon was the revealing target, but through luck, it was the last one standing.
kenny had the winning shot to reveal the blue victory. these brothers were never considering a girl to be an option, so the "boy" confirmation was nothing short of victorious.
here is a video that captures the revealing event- these will be some really great uncles to a lucky nephew.

Monday, January 16, 2012

revealing our little man...

to the grandparents.
when we found out that we were having a boy, we went to visit both of our parents to reveal the secret. we were able to see both sets in the same weekend to share the news. it was such a fun and exciting time to experience with each of them.

marietta visit...
greenville visit...

since my computer is still full, i have only been able to make videos when i am visiting greenville on my parents computer... so for now, i will leave you with a video of how we revealed this baby boy to the wise grandparents.
we are beyond grateful to have such sweet families that love us so well. there are more revealing posts to come...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

its a...

watch this short video to find out what kind:
words cannot express how excited we are to know what kind of sweet bambino we have been blessed with. ever since we found out, everything has become so much more real. to be able to pray for our family and specifically for this little boy, we get more excited every day to think of the new life ahead of us.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

boy or girl?

happy sunday! i have a lot of draft blog posts sitting in my files that i promise i will complete and post sometime soon, but until then... there is a looming question of this baby being a boy or a girl. cast your final vote, because this week, the answer will be yours!

as far as the nursery preparations, we have not done really anything. ideas are swirling, but not much has been totally set in stone. here are pictures of inspiration so far:
(the bedding/furniture will be gender neutral so that we can use it for all babies in the future.)

gray walls with lots of color

if boy, no scalloped trim. if girl, scalloped trim (still using gray and white for either):
bedding fabric:
rug and shelves similar to:
colors and words of print:
a crib banner of sorts:
the things we know:
walls will be gray with white trim and white shelves
crib and chair will be white
curtains will be large seersucker fabric
bedding will be yellow
lots of colors will be used
bay window seat will be a solid color with accent pillows of different colors/prints
a dresser will be painted an accent color and changing table will be on top
lots of books will fill the room
there will eventually be a baby living in it

even though may feels like it is forever away, i have a feeling that it is going to sneak up on us pretty quickly. we have a lot of work ahead of us!

Friday, January 6, 2012

christmas at the wises

happy new year everyone! i cannot believe how fast the holidays go by... my computer hard drive is completely full, so i am on somewhat of a loading lull until i deal with the thousands of pictures and videos on my laptop. this post, along with the upcoming post on the gender reveal to the brothers are pictures/videos from our celebration of the season with the wise side of the family (i uploaded these pictures from their computer since i have no room on mine). anyways, we had the greatest time this december spending quality time with our families.

there was certainly a lot of eating that went on during our trip home. when we first arrived to greenville, my dad was on a mission to try "chicken and waffles." it was a wonderful experience for all- surprisingly, the salty fried chicken and the sweet waffle/syrup all went together as a wonderful combination.
my other favorite meal was the traditional french meat pie that we have every year on christmas and drew's favorite-homemade tomato soup.
it was so much fun to all be together to celebrate such a special time. words cannot express how thankful i am to have such a great family. we were able to be with my immediate family, my aunt and uncle from Massachusetts, along with my grandmother.

as we reflected on our lives, drew and i were blown away by the sweetness of our lord as he has given us such wonderful families, and to bless us with a sweet baby. we are so thankful to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves and something that points directly to the hands of our creator. here is a picture of our bambino about 3 weeks before christmas...
stay tuned... the gender reveal to the world will be coming shortly and more life updates to come. this past tuesday was our 20 week appointment- so unbelievable to watch this little baby grow.