Wednesday, December 7, 2011

it's real...

*actual post date: november 8th
today was our 12 week appointment. we had been anticipating this day for quite some time. i always heard that it would feel like light-years between doctor's appointments during pregnancy, and it is so true! we were so excited to go to the doctor to hear the babe's heartbeat and make sure that the first trimester was healthy and complete. it was so full of emotion as we thanked the lord for covering us with his power and sovereign grace before knowing the outcome of the visit. the way that our god has created pregnancy is truly a beautiful thing. there is such surrender and lack of control that brings you to the lord's feet throughout this process.
as we went to the room to wait for the dr, we saw one of the doctors that is involved in younglife. it was really fun to feel so connected to this town as we are embarking a new adventure in gainesville. anyways, he got the little fetal doppler (a handheld device that can read the heartbeat) and started searching for the sounds of the baby. after a couple minutes of nothing, i reminded him that it took them a while to find it the first time. drew and i just looked at each other and waited for him to tell us the next step. We then were told we would need an ultrasound to check on everything. As we were sent to the waiting room for over an hour, a flood of thoughts and emotions cover us as we sat. the lord reminded me that he called us to follow him regardless of our circumstances, but that it would be okay to be totally heartbroken as well. Throughout this hour, we were constantly reminded by one another to trust jesus… and we were comforted. Even still,at one point we just had to focus on watching HGTV, because our emotions were too close to the edge. When we finally got to get the ultrasound, we quickly saw the miracle of this baby inside of me. The growth and development in 4 weeks is absolutely incredible. We were so excited to hear the heartbeat and to see that all was healthy.
As soon as the lady left the room, drew and I thanked jesus for the sweet gift he has given us. We are so blessed to be a part of his process of creation. We left the doctor and went to Five Guys to celebrate (drew’s choice). Here is a video of the little peanut growing:


  1. isnt it the most beautiful sound?! and its SO Crazy between that first appt and 11/12 weeks. it actually looks like a human being!!!!! So excited for you!! with a 168 heartrate, im guessing GIRL! :)

  2. You guys are precious. I love being able to hear Drew's voice in the background. See you guys soon!


  3. It's a... BABY!!! And why does that font look that way... haha!

    I love you so much!

  4. I love a good blog about a pregnant lady and her sweet husband! So glad to find this to read!!!

    Many blessings from Athens...Jana (for ALL the Harwells)

  5. Allison! I'm so excited for you! Your beautiful words encourage me!