Monday, December 19, 2011

rewinding again...

we were so lucky to be with both of our families to share the initial news of baby mccleskey. in the spring, the mccleskey family invited the wise family to a wonderful beach trip in hilton head... when we found out in september that we were prego, we knew that the october weekend at the beach would be the most perfect time to share- so we waited to tell. it was so hard in the beginning, but throughout the 4 weeks, drew and i were able to have such a precious secret together. we really were blessed by the time that we had to dream and pray for this baby before any of the world knew. when we got to the beach, we had told both families that we were in charge of the friday night dinner. as we sat down to eat, drew opened the table up for toasts, explaining that we were so blessed with such great families that are able to spend time together. as we went around the table, we ended on me. with a hidden camera in the background, taping the entire dinner, i told them how thankful we were for our families because they were so great... but that it was about to become even better because we were adding someone new to the family. at that point, drew threw the brothers "uncle" hats that we had gotten made and I showed a picture of our first ultrasound at 8 weeks. the families were shocked/excited/overwhelmed/etc... i loved seeing all the different reactions. it was beautiful. from there, we talked and talked about the past 4 weeks and what life may look like in the future. the rest of the weekend was such a celebration that drew and i will cherish forever. we are so beyond lucky to have such wonderful families.


  1. i absolutely love the picture of the 4 boys looking so serious. CONGRATS to you allison!

  2. hahaha, this baby is going to have a lot of really cool uncles!!! The hats are great! Can't wait to find out what you're having! Love, Smalls