Sunday, March 18, 2012

showered with generosity

this past weekend, our soon to be family of three was so blessed by so many women in marietta. drew grew up surrounded by such amazing families that have loved him so well. one of his long time friend's mother and sister threw baby fisher a shower. over the past 5 years of being with drew, i have gotten to know the barry family and am constantly amazed at how well they serve and celebrate others. julie, who lives in california, created and planned the decorations for the celebration... and had them shipped across the country to make it for the shower in ga. together, they created such a sweet environment for all of us to celebrate this new life coming to join us so soon!
to say that we were showered with generosity, is an understatement. i was absolutely blown away by the way that these women cared for the mccleskey family. i loved getting to meet the sweet ladies that susan works with and even drew's kindergarten para-pro. it was also such a fun time to see the other long time friend's mothers that have cared for drew throughout his life. to be a recipient of this generosity was overwhelming. moving on to the pictures...
the wonderful hostesses, Mrs. Barry and Julie
the moms and daughters
we cannot thank these women enough for pouring such love over our family. we really had a great weekend... one saturday closer to meeting baby fisher!


  1. It really was such a fun day! We cannot wait to meet little Fisher!!

  2. Such a lovely picture of all you girls!!
    Hi Susan and Mrs. Barry!!!
    Love that blue teddy bear :-}}

  3. It was lots of fun!! I had a great time and enjoyed seeing all the neat gifts you received. Now for the most exciting gift of all to be delivered......FISHER. Can't wait to see this little guy.