Saturday, March 3, 2012

recent life

our lives have been full, as always... but here are random snapshots of what we have been up to in the last week:
last weekend we got to watch the kimsey boys overnight, for a great adventure...
eating lunch after a long nap, and loving their friend- Luna
getting ready for the day... Luna was taking it all in
Taking a stroll around the neighborhood
ending the night with shopping and playing at the mall of ga

next up- i had my first flower to bloom in my life! i planted a lot of bulbs last year and never saw any flowers... and to my surprise in the last days of february, a year later, multiple beauties began to sprout. i have yet to see the first ranunculus bloom, but the greenery is there... so i am hopeful!
yesterday was read across america day and baby fisher made a debut at school...
last night, we arrived at my brother jeremy's house to visit for the weekend... he is back in charleston for grad school and it is so much fun to enjoy this town with him.
this morning, i woke up to this beauty: (jer planned our first activity of the day- some nice, exercise for pregnant women. it has been pretty hilarious to listen to.)
i hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend- i will be back soon with more to come...

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  1. First, those little boys are precious! Second, Thing 2 already looks adorable! Third, please tell me Jeremy did the exercise record with you. Fourth, please tell me you recorded this if he did. HA!