Tuesday, April 3, 2012

32 weeks and updates

phew, there are a lot of neglected blog posts that deserve documenting... i have to start somewhere, so here are the first pictures i found on the computer (more to come soon). we have loved the spring weather (wishing that it would stay below 75 more often) and have been able to spend a lot of time outside relaxing with little miss luna after school each day.
a couple weekends ago, we were able to celebrate my brother's birthday in gainesville when he surprised us with a wonderful visit. it was so incredible- i was on the phone with him singing happy birthday as he was pulling on our street after a drive through the night from virginia to surprise us. it was so great to see him and spend quality time with the birthday boy...

kenny was on a mission to see the baby bump before little mister entered the real world.

of course, he brought luna's best friend- mojo:

we took the dogs to the lake to enjoy the saturday and luna took her first ride in the back of drew's truck!
here are the 32 week bump pictures to document baby fisher's growth...

and just look at this handsome man. he deserves some solo camera time too-crossing my fingers that fisher will look a lot like him...

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