Sunday, May 6, 2012

welcome to fisher's crib

fisher's nursery is finally complete!  being two weeks away from the big "due date," it feels amazing to have this room ready for a real baby to live in.  most of these things are probably not necessary for a baby to survive, but it was so much fun being able to pour love over this room with the thoughts of our little man.  
here is a tour of his nursery:
 as you walk in the door, the below picture is what you will see
this is the side view from the crib (all bedding handmade by my amazing mom)

as you walk in the door and turn left, you find the changing table area
straight ahead, you find the shelves and window seat
 details in the shelves:
in the back corner- closet and growth chart
we were filled with such joy making each craft, working on sewing projects, building creations, organizing shelves, etc...because we knew that one day, our son would get to enjoy it.  my heart is so full, thinking about what is to come so soon...


  1. Such a sweet and relaxing room for Baby Fisher! This looks like the perfect room to enjoy those special moments as you cuddle your sweet boy during the night. He's going to LOVE that window seat when he can start pulling up! You're bringing me back to where we were a year ago. Maybe Fisher will come 5 days early too! (My due date was May 20th!) Can't wait to hear the news and see his sweet face!!!

  2. Such an awesome nursery! Love all the windows and that window seat is the best!

  3. So cute! I found you on pinterest. :)

    Where did you get the big letter F? Thanks. :)

    1. So glad you liked it! I cut the f out of cardboard and hot glued linen fabric around it. :) hope that helps!