Friday, May 4, 2012


once drew and i found out that we were having a baby in may, we decided we would take a "babymoon" during spring break.  babymoons are just an excuse to get away one last time just the two of you to vacation before the baby comes.  of course there will be times later in life when we will leave the babe with people while we vacation, but it will still be somewhat different.  it was so incredible for us to go to our "happy place" of asheville, nc (where we met, got engaged, got married, etc...).  we had such a wonderful time just being away from all the "things to do" at home, just relaxing and sharing precious time together.  
to begin our vacation in asheville, we had to eat at drew's all-time favorite restaurant, Tupelo Honey.  delicious!
we loved just browsing around downtown, enjoying all the art and character-filled shops.  we decided that we would get a little present for baby fisher to document our "babymoon" and we found this little gem of a giraffe.  
every time we visit asheville, drew is curious about the noodle shop on the corner of the main road and so we decided to branch out and give it a shot.  definitely not our favorite for asheville, but it was still fun to sit on the corner and be serenaded by the street performers.
we spent a lot of time sitting at the parks throughout town.  it was so peaceful to have time to read, talk, and just be able to rest.

we drove through the town and spotted great thrift stores (i love finding thrift stores in other towns)
we also ventured to a recommended restaurant- apollo flame.  it was so much food, i grew a food baby!
as you can see, we really did not have our camera with us most of the trip, but at least parts are documented.  we had such a great time- i really think that babymoons can be taken anywhere- doesn't even matter where you go.  just as long as you are away from your house, and just the two of you... it is going to be a cherished time.

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  1. um... lurve this!! yall are cute. you are having a baby... this is exciting! :)