Sunday, February 5, 2012


hello long lost friends! i apologize for the long lack of posting... our lives have been extremely full in the best possible ways. 2 weeks ago we were completely blessed by being able to go to the YL all staff celebration (conference) in orlando, fl. it was nothing short of amazing. from hearing from tim keller and francis chan, to having the entire park of sea world rented out for us, it was a week of complete restoration. then, of course coming back into real life is just super busy when you have missed a week of work, unpacking, etc...

this weekend has been wonderful. we have been in town, settling back in to our home, working on the nursery, cleaning, seeing dear friends, and enjoying gainesville. i have uploaded some pictures from my phone to give a visual of our nursery progress...

first up- the curtains:
next, the shelves that need a lot of work (we have not even begun to try to decorate/fill the shelves). as of right now, we have just piled stuff/books for temporary storage...
we purchased our new glider/rocker chair a little while back and i have sewn 2 of the pillows for the window seat... a couple more to go, along with the window seat pad. i am thinking there will be a blanket/throw over the chair that will match the bedding of the crib. also, the rug is a rug that i used to use at school flipped upside down (for measuring purposes).
this is the beginning of our new dresser for the nursery.
here is drew after sanding, now painting and refinishing:
here is his finished product. we are still on a hunt for the perfect hand pulls to create a more manly feel (we will save the fancy ones in case we have a little girl one day). also, here is a picture of the new lamp that will match the window seat (a natural linen) that is currently being sewn by the one and only michelle wise. the frames will be hung above with prints in them and a changing table spot will be on top of the dresser.
we had a special visitor in the beginning of january that brought forth some clothes to get this little man ready for the ladies... presenting- uncle jer:

also, notice the beautiful gray walls in the background! drews parents came to help us paint on MLK weekend... i will have an entire post for that as soon as i free up space on the computer for pictures from my camera.

we have made a lot of progress, but have a long way to go before may. regardless of how much is left to do, we are counting down the days until our little guy arrives... it feels like forever, but i know it is going fast.

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  1. Oh so exciting!!! Love, love love that dresser! It looks great! Y'all are doing such a great job! Too many exclamation points!!!!