Monday, February 20, 2012

joining the wagon world

with our new family in mind, we had to make some adjustments to our car situation... a jetta and an altima would not do the trick of fitting a car seat and a great dane all into one row. drew decided in becoming a dad, he also needed to become a truck owner. a four door tundra became his new ride. we have used it so much already... including to drive me to and from school every day for the past 2 months while we were trying to figure out our next vehicle. after weeks of discussion about honda pilots, crvs, subaru outbacks, and more... we found our perfect family car! a volkswagen passatt wagon! this past weekend, we completed our search as we joined the wagon world and bought this beauty:
it has more room than i could ever imagine a car to have. luna has the most spacious area in the trunk, while the back row has plently of room as well.
we are so excited preparing our worlds for the new addition, come may!

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