Sunday, January 8, 2012

boy or girl?

happy sunday! i have a lot of draft blog posts sitting in my files that i promise i will complete and post sometime soon, but until then... there is a looming question of this baby being a boy or a girl. cast your final vote, because this week, the answer will be yours!

as far as the nursery preparations, we have not done really anything. ideas are swirling, but not much has been totally set in stone. here are pictures of inspiration so far:
(the bedding/furniture will be gender neutral so that we can use it for all babies in the future.)

gray walls with lots of color

if boy, no scalloped trim. if girl, scalloped trim (still using gray and white for either):
bedding fabric:
rug and shelves similar to:
colors and words of print:
a crib banner of sorts:
the things we know:
walls will be gray with white trim and white shelves
crib and chair will be white
curtains will be large seersucker fabric
bedding will be yellow
lots of colors will be used
bay window seat will be a solid color with accent pillows of different colors/prints
a dresser will be painted an accent color and changing table will be on top
lots of books will fill the room
there will eventually be a baby living in it

even though may feels like it is forever away, i have a feeling that it is going to sneak up on us pretty quickly. we have a lot of work ahead of us!


  1. I'm saying boy! Either way, love the nursery ideas!!! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  2. Totally a boy.

    ...or a girl!

    ...but definitely one of those!

    (Boy's my guess!)