Friday, January 6, 2012

christmas at the wises

happy new year everyone! i cannot believe how fast the holidays go by... my computer hard drive is completely full, so i am on somewhat of a loading lull until i deal with the thousands of pictures and videos on my laptop. this post, along with the upcoming post on the gender reveal to the brothers are pictures/videos from our celebration of the season with the wise side of the family (i uploaded these pictures from their computer since i have no room on mine). anyways, we had the greatest time this december spending quality time with our families.

there was certainly a lot of eating that went on during our trip home. when we first arrived to greenville, my dad was on a mission to try "chicken and waffles." it was a wonderful experience for all- surprisingly, the salty fried chicken and the sweet waffle/syrup all went together as a wonderful combination.
my other favorite meal was the traditional french meat pie that we have every year on christmas and drew's favorite-homemade tomato soup.
it was so much fun to all be together to celebrate such a special time. words cannot express how thankful i am to have such a great family. we were able to be with my immediate family, my aunt and uncle from Massachusetts, along with my grandmother.

as we reflected on our lives, drew and i were blown away by the sweetness of our lord as he has given us such wonderful families, and to bless us with a sweet baby. we are so thankful to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves and something that points directly to the hands of our creator. here is a picture of our bambino about 3 weeks before christmas...
stay tuned... the gender reveal to the world will be coming shortly and more life updates to come. this past tuesday was our 20 week appointment- so unbelievable to watch this little baby grow.

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